Friday, June 1, 2007

Edisto Memories

I am beginning this web page on June 1, 2007, under the name of EDISTO MEMORIES, because I was raised in the "Low-country" of South Carolina which is watered by the Edisto River. That river has been the center of many activities and the basis of the precious memories of generations of the "Low-country" residents since the ancestors arrived from the "old country".

Many of my postings will be from a column -- Eddie's Edisto Memories -- which is periodically published in a county weekly newspaper in the area and the columns are the way that I look back into the wonderful history of the people and area of "Low-country" South Carolina.

I currently live in the South Carolina "Low-country" area which is also home to the World's First Railroad Junction. The Branchville (SC) Railroad Depot and Museum is a popular tourist stop here in my adopted home town in Orangeburg County.

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